Ashoka's first eBook - Stories of Change: Fellows and their Journeys

I just hit upload on the first of a new series of eBooks I've been working on at Ashoka. I've wanted for some time to profile the amazing stories in the Ashoka network in new and shareable ways and eBooks are a fun and stylish way to do that. Using Scribd as our primary platform the document can be embedded and read anywhere, as below, kinda like a YouTube for documents and publications. Ashoka has been getting more social lately but this project is about putting the media in our social media strategy. If we want other people to generate content about us on social media platforms we need to generate more content ourselves, and let people interact with that content. I hope you enjoy this first attempt and I'd love any feedback you have!

[scribd id=18984420 key=key-10d36bmg9zcm2qiukzs4]