I'm kinda proud of this mix, the first I've properly put together, which I played on NYE. It was planned for two hours, which is the length of the mix posted here, but ended up being almost three hours on the night, with me extending it with additional tracks, mostly by Protoculture, given the lack of anyone to play after me and the presence of people still dancing. I hope you enjoy it, there's some seriously rocking material here. It's starts and ends a bit silly but in-between it travels from deep electro to tech house and into a solid hour of psytrance via an obligatory "New Years Day" remix. BPM goes from 125ish to 146ish. My advice: put on some good headphones and listen to it the whole way through. NYE 09-10 Mix

Track list:

1. French Emotions - Peter Godwin

2. Really awesome track from a mix my friend Morgan put together that I don't know the name of UPDATE:  Mr. Dry - Tim Green

3. Poor Leno (Silicon Soul remix) + There is a light that never goes out (acapella) - Royksopp + Erlend Oye

4. Good sluts factory (let it CIA mix) - Kiko and Ginos

5. Strip Joint Mathematics (Jet Project remix) - Deepchild

6. Love is going to save us - Benny Benassi

7. New Year's Day (Paul Oakenfold remix) - U2

8. Born on Mars - Mr Peculiar

9. Ain't Talkin Bout - G-Light

10. Inside the Sound - Ananda Shake

11. Hear the Noise (Quadra remix) - Alien vs The Cat

12. Slayer - Toast3d

13. Dismental - Raz

14. Radio Trance - BBP

15. The Frequency (feat Nomad) - Talamasca and XSi

16. Analog - Planet B.E.N. vs Didrapest

17. Illusion - Exordium

18. I Wish (SKAZI remix) - Infected Mushroom

19. Becoming Insane - Infected Mushroom

20. Take Me Home (Benza's Philthy mix) - Phil Collins