Favourite videos of the moment

I love video on the internet, the combination of the most powerful communications medium with the most powerful distribution platform ever invented. Here's some videos I'm loving at the moment:  

Banksy and the Simpsons

The brilliant Banksy directed the 'couch gag' (ie. opening credits) for a Simpson's episode that aired earlier this week. It's very dark and a very pointed comment about the corporations behind The Simpons. It's hard to believe it was okayed by the network exec's. So how to read the fact that it was? They have obviously calculated the doing so won't hurt their image in any meaningful way. And here we all are, talking about The Simpsons, which could probably use the publicity boost. So is this then an example of anti-corporate art being used for the benefit of a corporation? Brilliant subversion or sell-out? You decide:



When Memes Collide

Blendtec are famous for their brilliant and innovative use of online video for marketing. They've been at it for a few years now making "Will It Blend?" videos where they reduce the buzz topic of the day (the iPhone for instance) to dust in one of their industrial blenders. Here they get really meta and blend this year's social media darling Old Spice in the blender while blending their format with the famous Old Spice ad. Well played.



Envision: Step Into the Sensory Box

Amazing, gorgeous light art. These guys must have a pretty amazing projector.



Social Media Revolution - Refreshed

Social Media Revolution is a classic YouTube video created by Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics, now with 2.3 million views. A couple of months ago he released an updated version. If you haven't watched it, you should: