The Republican Mindset

See if you can follow this logic, from an interview Republican Senator Orrin Hatch gave to a conservative outlet on Monday. Speaking about the proposed health care reforms he said:

If they get there, of course, you're going to have a very rough time having a two-party system in this country, because almost everybody's going to say, 'All we ever were, all we ever are, all we ever hope to be depends on the Democratic Party.'

That's their goal. That's what keeps Democrats in power. Do I believe they're that diabolical? I don't believe most of them are, but I think some of them are. Maybe diabolical's too harsh of a word, but the fact is, they really, really believe in socialized medicine.

So, to recap: the Democrats are "diabolical" in their desire to expand affordable healthcare to all Americans, a scheme which will threaten the two-party system by making people  grateful for policies which actually help them.

Well, yeah. A humble suggestion: try proposing policies which help average people yourself. To do that though you would have to believe in the role and potential efficacy of government, and most Republican don't.

Watch the exchange:


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