Washington Post

My flatmates: media superstars

Having recently moved into a share house for the first time since leaving Australia K and I are really enjoying having flatmates again, especially because we've got such good ones. One thing I like about share houses when they work is the sense of family which develops, a looking out for each other which goes beyond simple friendship. Part of this is the vicarious pride at their accomplishments you feel, or I do anyway. Recently I've been especially impressed with my flatmates media profiles, thought-leaders that they are.

First S was quoted in a Washington Post article on tattoo's in the workplace:

D.C. is culturally one of the most conservative cities I've ever lived in. I just see fewer people displaying body art in the workplace here.

Then D spoke to New York-based Chinese television network NTDT whilst attending a vigil at the Arc Avaaz have built on the Mall in DC, expressing the hope so many of us share that America might take the lead on addressing catastrophic climate change before it's too late and we all start building arcs for real (try not to be overwhelmed by the charisma of the New Zealand news reader):

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4218033&w=425&h=350&fv=file%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fmedia.ntdtv.com%2Febrief%2Fnews%2F20091214-wn-06-environmentalists+build+ark+in+washington.flv%26overstretch%3Dtrue%26searchbar%3Dfalse%26image%3D%2Ffiles%2FContent%2F20091214-WN-06-Environmentalists+Build+Ark+in+Washington+D.C.jpg%26autostart%3Dfalse]

Well done guys! K and I are going to have to step it up, clearly.