Stories of Change 3: Predictions for the Decade

Last week I launched the third in the Stories of Change eBook series I have developed at Ashoka. It's a really interesting one - 20 social entrepreneurs ranging in age from 14 to their 60s and representing 5 continents think ahead to the year 2020 and the world they would like to see, as well as the steps they are taking this year to move us in that direction. I've grown fascinated by this idea of people who "live in the future" lately - people who have a vision for a different world and consciously work to shift events to bring this world into being. This book contains the words of many of these people and it was a real pleasure to gather their stories. I hope you enjoy it also. [scribd id=27075293 key=key-9xro7yneqqoi3135jje]

Stories of Change 2: Youth Making a Difference

Been meaning to post this for awhile, it's the second in the Stories of Change series of eBooks I'm developing at Ashoka. This one is made up of interviews with youth leaders involved in Ashoka's Youth Venture program. I hope you enjoy it! [scribd id=22489379 key=key-23p3ialo4t96jygdrgus]